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  • France sales NO.1 foot care cream
  • Feel the moisturizing effect from the moment you apply it! Water retention effect of +66% 30 minutes after use! It lasts 24 hours.
  • "Silk, Serine Lipester" Contains patented ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin at the molecular level, keratinizing the soles of the feet, dry legs, and quick-release akagire.


125 ml


SKU: 0011
    • (For all other skin problems)
    • Cracks, frostbite, atopic skin, progressive palmar keratoderma (dry form of housewife eczema), senile xeroderma, palmoplantar (palm) keratoses, footpad (foot sole) rupture. Dermatitis, lichen porphyria, ichthyosis, shark skin, prevention of acne... *Also suitable for the prevention of pathogenic skin infections such as tinea tinea tinea corporis (tinea) tinea cruris (tinea) tinea pedis tinea (Hydrozoa) Tinea unguium (Onychophyton) Tinea capitis (Shirakumo)-Kerzus vulgaris * Because it does not contain urea, it can be used as a daily skin care without side effects that destroy proteins.
  • You can return the item within one week after it arrives. (Only unopened is possible)