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Experience the magic of Heliabrine’s smoothing and replumping lip care, featuring the patented active ingredient ‘Volulip’.

15ml-1/2 floz
✔︎ Achieve immediate smoothness from the first application, revealing firmer and rejuvenated lips in just 7 days.

             ✔︎️After 28 days, enjoy visibly smoother and less wrinkled and plumper lips.

✔︎The result: softer, more beautiful, and replumped lips!
✔︎️Infused with the goodness of marine collagen, along with our patented ingredients "Volulip" and Hyaluronic acid, this balm not only enhances your lipstick's longevity with its light, melting, non-greasy texture but also becomes your perfect companion for irresistibly smooth lips."


Heliabrine・smoothing & replumping lip care

  • Shea Butter: Hydrates, nourishes, repairs, restores the skin's barrier function and promotes smoothness and softness of the lips.

    Grape seed oil: Rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid, it contains fatty acids important for the skin and cell membranes, and has regenerative and rebuilding properties.

    Rice bran oil: Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, it supports skin hydration and elasticity.

    Volulip® (our patented volume-enhancing ingredient): A combination of portlacca pilosa, grown in the dry, hot soils of South America, and the natural peptide palmitoyl-KMO2K, which increases the volume of the lips, gives them dimension, tightens them, and moisturizes them. improve.

    Hyaluronic acid: An anti-aging ingredient that makes lips plump and smooth, moisturizing, and regenerating. Its retention properties give your lips firmness and reduce fine wrinkles. It has high penetration power.

    Marine collagen: A soluble collagen with a triple helical structure that has an affinity for keratin in the skin, moisturizing and protecting the lips.

    Beeswax: Naturally rich in vitamin A, provides deep hydration and nourishment. It has a restorative effect and forms a natural film that protects the skin from external attacks (sun, cold, wind).