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Our commitment 


1. Dermatological Safety
ASEPTA LABORATORIES are committed to using only the necessary ingredients, for optimal suitability and efficiency. We select the most effective active ingredients and determine the appropriate dosage.

2. Standards
ASEPTA LABORATORIES comply with the current standards and international regulations of the cosmetic industry.

3. Patents
All the products from the AKILEÏNE®, COUP D’ECLAT®, ECRINAL®, and VITA CITRAL® ranges are designed with our teams of chemists and pharmacists. Our patents are exclusive, unique, and may not be marketed by external laboratories.

4. Active ingredients and raw materials
All the ingredients and different components selected by ASEPTA LABORATORIES ensure dermatological safety as well as biological effectiveness. The raw materials that make up our products undergo a rigorous selection process and are renowned for being both effective and innocuous.

5. Traceability
ASEPTA LABORATORIES are committed to carefully monitoring the origin and the quality of their raw materials. The traceability of all the ingredients used, along with the final products, is ensured with optimal compliance.

6. Testing
All of ASEPTA LABORATORIES’ products are subjected to safety and efficacy testing in order to comply with the cosmetic legislation and best serve their users. Clinical or dermatological studies are carried out and monitored by experts. Each product is tested in real-life conditions.


ASEPTA: 80 years of history

LABORATOIRES ASEPTA’s history is closely linked to the Principality of Monaco and particularly to its Casino.

At the end of the 1930s, some Croupiers of Monte-Carlo’s Casino made an original request to a Pharmacist: a cream against painful feet. Indeed, these Croupiers who could stand for hours on the Casino carpets were in need of an efficient remedy to soothe them.

Henri ADAM who just sold his Pharmacy to Charles CAMPORA and Paul LACROIX created a formula made of a soothing plant called achillea. In 1947, the trademark Akileïne® was patented and the legend could start!

At this time, the founding team is enlarged with Henri MAS, a Paul LACROIX’s childhood friend.

LABORATOIRES ASEPTA’s beginnings were slow in that after-war period where very few consumers paid attention to products of comfort. However, Paul LACROIX and Henri MAS succeeded in selling their products in the pharmacies of the Riviera, then in Paris and Strasburg. They also achieved in creating a demand for an unusual product in a slow-motion economical context.

In 1952, VITA CITRAL® is created by ASEPTA and focuses on handcare. This new line came to diversify the laboratory’s activities that decided to launch another range 20 years after ECRINAL® for the care of hair, lashes, and nails. Skincare is not put aside thanks to the creation of COUP D’ECLAT® in 1978 with the emblematic Lifting Ampoule!

In 1993, the laboratory innovates with the launch of the very first footcare product dedicated to diabetics: AKILDIA.

Today, LABORATOIRES ASEPTA manufacture more than 6 million units per year and have succeeded in becoming leaders in French pharmacies for footcare with AKILEÏNE® as well as nail care with ECRINAL®.

More than 75 years after their creation, LABORATOIRES ASEPTA, always independent and managed by the founders’ descendants, are still an important group producing many dermo-cosmetic lines in the Principality of Monaco which gain an international reputation.

« Quality and Innovation » has always been the laboratory’s motto, being a dynamical partner of dermo-pharmacy and modern cosmetics, thanks to numerous patents and innovation. This has been acclaimed with many awars: Prix Norx (1988), Best Brand Award (1989), Riviera Trade Club (1997), Leader d’Exportation (1999), Monaco Business Award (2000), Label Eurêka (2005), Trophée Club Eco de Monaco (2013) and the Trophée Femmes de L’Economie (2015).

About 200 persons are employed by the laboratory in a state-of-the-art Monaco-based structure respecting all international cosmetic standards. Their worldwide presence is settled in more than 60 countries on the 5 continents thanks to a network of local distributors widened by 5 subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Canada.

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