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No. 1 selling eyelash growth serum in France. Make your eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker! Can also be used for eyebrows. Our patented hair growth ingredients penetrate deeply into hair matrix cells and promote hair growth. Its effectiveness has been verified through clinical experiments. Safe because it is a naturally extracted ingredient. Contact lenses can also be used over extensions. Solve these eyelash problems! Your eyelashes are short, thin, falling out, damaged, or lack firmness/body. -The BEST SELLING eyelash strengthener in France. -Patented & clinically proven ingredients for LONGER, THICKER, FULLER EYELASHES. -97% of subjects in a clinical study experienced lash growth(self-evaluation test). -Our exclusive ingredient “ANP® 2 + ” stimulates keratin production and helps to grow lashes.
Wrinkles around the eyes, sagging, dark circles, pigmentation, and sagging eyelids are significantly improved in 28 days! Newly developed lift-up formula with patented ingredients. Anti-aging skin care that is very popular in France. Its effectiveness has been proven in clinical experiments. Immediately after applying it, you can feel the moisture and firmness around your eyes. Eye makeup can be applied immediately. -Within 28 days, WRINKLES, DARK CIRCLES, UNDER EYE BAGS are VISIBLY DECREASED. -PATENTED & CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULA. -INSTANT WRINKLE SMOOTHING EFFECT. -ITS LIGHT TEXTURE PENETRATES QUICKLY AND MAKE-UP CAN BE APPLIED IMMEDIATELY.
From Monaco, the world's most advanced beauty developer, achieve clear and beautiful skin with a whitening serum that focuses on the highest penetration power! As a result of clinical experiments, it has been proven to be effective in improving dark spots and dullness in about 28 days! Natural whitening patented ingredients are now the most advanced technology It reaches the root of the stain, suppresses melanin production, and prevents new stains from forming. A top cosmetics brand in France for over 80 years. -DARK SPOTS CORRECTOR & SKIN BRIGHTENING. -Patented & clinically proven formula -OUR PATENTED & EXCLUSIVE ANTI AGING INGREDIENT “WHITESPHERE TM PREMIUM +IPARZINE R 4-A” HELPS TO REDUCE BROWN SPOTS AND GET A BRIGHTER COMPLEXION IN 28 DAYS.
A state-of-the-art wrinkle-improving serum that thoroughly pursues wrinkle improvement! Anti-aging skin care that is extremely popular in France! The world's most advanced and self-developed patented ingredients push deep wrinkles from deep within the skin. Within 28 days, 100% of users experienced an improvement in deep wrinkles and fine lines, and their skin became more hydrated, elastic, and rejuvenated! -REDUCE the appearance of DEEP WRINKLES & FINE LINES on the FACE and NECK in 28 DAYS. -INSTANT WRINKLE SMOOTHING & PLUMPING EFFECT. -INTENSELY HYDRATES SKIN (+90%). -PATENTED & CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULA.
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