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Purveyor to the Royal Family of Monaco. A very popular hand cream in France. Developed for people who use their hands a lot during hand washing, disinfection, and work. Immediately after application, your skin's moisture level increases by 116%! Contains our patented ingredients. The repair effect after 7 days of use has been certified in clinical experiments. Non-sticky, perfect for use on PCs and smartphones. GOT DRY HANDS FROM WASHING AND SANITIZING ? -INTENSIVE HAND REPAIR for DRY & CRACKED HANDS in 7 days. -PATENTED & CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULA.. -INTENSELY MOISTURIZES SKIN (+116%). -VISIBLE RESULTS FROM THE FIRST APPLICATION. QUICK PENETRATION & NON-GREASY.
France's No. 1 selling foot care brand A world-famous hit product developed by the Monaco Dermatology Institute. Immediately relieves tired, swollen feet from walking, long hours of standing work, desk work, etc. Blood circulation rate is 1.6 times higher after one month of use! Health starts from your feet! Feet are said to be your second heart. It's such an important existence. Effective against viruses by promoting blood circulation and improving immunity, and also prevents thrombosis! GOT TIRED, ACHY FEET & LEGS ? FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! QUICK & LASTING RELIEF for TIRED, ACHY, SWOLLEN FEET & LEGS. -CLINICALLY PROVEN TO IMPROVE MICRO BLOOD CIRCULATION . (+58% after 28days).-GOOD BLOOD CIRCULATION in the legs is essential for a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.
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